Fitting in life around blogging

If you are a blogger you will know how difficult the balance is when fitting in life around blogging.

It really is difficult as both areas are important to you, do you miss out on family time to grow your blog or have a blog that grows slowly because you are spending more time with your family rather than your blog?

Making those sort of choices are hard, you want to be there for your family and your kids, but blogging is important to you too.

How do you make blogging fit around your life and not make you feel like you are compromising one to deal with the other!

Fitting in life around blogging

Life and Blogging Working Together

You have to find your own balance when it comes to blogging and family life, what feels right for you and your family.

You must remember that life happens, it throws things in our path and expects us to deal with them and move forward. No matter how much planning you do, not everything will work out how you want, so be prepared with a backup plan!

You do need a plan, something that is flexible, that is changeable but allows you to see what you need to do to feel present in your family’s life but to also grow your blog.

Creating a Plan

Having a combined calendar for your family allows you to see just where you all are and if there are any conflicts you need to work out.

Once you know the basics, what you need to do and when it is due, for your blog, you just need to combine the two, your blogging plan and your family’s schedule.

Yes, blogging and family life is hard, but it is not impossible if you use the time you do have wisely. Wasting time on social media isn’t a great use of your time!

If you want to succeed in blogging you need to have a passion for what you are doing and what and where you intend to take it. Without the passion, you can quickly lose the motivation to even take the right action with your blog and it can just sit there doing nothing.

Fitting in life around blogging

Don’t be Afraid

The fear of failing is often something that can hold you back, let go of that fear and take steps forward.

Don’t be afraid, if blogging is your dream, staying up late or getting up early to finish a project shows determination and commitment. However, don’t forget to take breaks too!

There are times that you need to use blackmail with your kids, don’t feel guilty to ask them for 20 minutes to finish something! TV or a treat can work wonders and you have time to focus on what you need to do.

Building a Support Team

You can ask for help with the different areas of your life, don’t be afraid to seek out a babysitter so you can finish up a project. Ask family to help you too.

If your blog is growing and you can afford help, try paying for others to do some of the tasks that you just don’t have time for!

It is possible to build a successful blog around your family, you might need to tweak a few things, reschedule appointments. But, if you are determined you will get there!

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