Best Home Office Desks to inspire you

The Best Home Office Desks for Your Space

When it comes to working from home, having a beautiful yet functional workspace is a must. It all starts with the focal point of any office, the desk. Whether your office space is huge or just the corner of a room, we’ve got some gorgeous and functional home office desk inspiration for you!

Choose the Best Home Office Desk for You

If you work from home, having a space that both inspires you and insulates you from the distractions of regular home life is the foundation of having a successful work from  home experience. So find the best home office desk for you by really considering your space and your needs.

How big is your office space? And what needs to fit in that space other than your desk?

What needs to sit on your desk? Your computer for sure! But what about files, notebooks, a light? 

Do you need drawers for storage or are you a minimalist?

Are you tall? Make sure you have leg room so that you will be comfortable.

Does the desk for your home office fit your personality and help you feel inspired?


The Best Desks for Your Home Office!

Best Office Desks to Work From HomeA dainty lattice desk with drawers adds tons of personality and feminine flair while maintaining function.

A Home Office Desk for a Space You LoveAdd function and style to your home office with an old-fashioned desk. This one has lots of storage with drawers at the top and the bottom and it’s overflowing with charm.

Work from Home Desk for a Space You LoveHave a tiny space? A small minimalistic desk provides both usability and beauty, and it still has plenty of storage space.

This Desk Will Inspire you while you Work from HomeIf you’re the DIY type, a build-your-own desk can be made just the way you want it. Function meets creativity!

Beautiful Home Office Corner DeskAnd who says being sent to the corner is a bad thing? Not with a sophisticated corner desk! This one has tons of storage with the built-in shelving and a bank of drawers.

Farmhouse Style Home Office DeskFor the farmhouse home office, a rustic style desk will fit in perfectly and if you’re handy, you can build this one yourself too!


Need more office inspiration? Check out these Work From Home Spaces that will Inspire You too!

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