Organic Facebook growth with Holly Homer

Holly Homer is a pro when it comes to growing an engaged Facebook page. In this podcast with Tim Lewis, she opens up about Organic Facebook Growth.

The best way to do this to “be consistent … and develop a schedule” and to check your analytics to see what works. Holly has done this with her own Facebook page Quirky Momma which has more than 3 million followers and still growing!

Listen to the Podcast: Organic Facebook Growth with Holly Homer

Holly Homer shares her thoughts and advice for growing a Facebook page in this podcast with Tim Lewis from Begin Self-Publishing.

“Facebook doesn’t hate you! Facebook actually doesn’t care about you at all. Facebook is using an algorithm and the response of the people that you have attracted to your page is showing them how many more people to show it too.”

Organic Facebook growth with Holly Homer

Growing Facebook Organically

Holly shares her knowledge on what to share on your Facebook page. It’s finding those items that your target audience loves and associates with and then getting them to engage with your page.

“They are using your people as a test group, spam filter, so if you put stuff up that nobody sees or just one person. You didn’t put something up (on Facebook) that people wanted to engage with.”

In this episode, Holly and Tim discuss the finer points of Facebook and how to grow your page organically. Holly shares her passion for analytics on Facebook and what this can tell you about everything that you share, whether it’s the right content for your audience or not!

Organic Facebook growth with Holly Homer

Topics Covered in this Podcast are:

Build it organically (1:30)

Tear down a dormant page (4:20)

Profile v’s page (5:10)

Open up your analytics (6:30)

Facebook doesn’t hate you (8:50)

What to post on Facebook (9:20)

Try different things (12:00)

Facebook sees all (14:45)

Facebook doesn’t create content (15.45)

Facebook live (18:10)

How many posts on a Facebook page (21:25)

Look at your results (23:00)

When is a good time to pay Facebook (23:15)

Plus so much more!

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