Best equipment for FB live

Equipment I Use for Facebook Live Video

There is good news and bad news when it comes to equipment for FB Live video.

The bad news is that you are limited because it all has to be from a mobile device.

The good news is that makes your life much simpler (and cheaper) because you likely have much of what you need already!

My setup isn’t super fancy, but it has allowed me to record hours and hours of different types of live FB video:

  • Talking at the camera – this is what I do the majority of the time.fb pages app
  • Two of us talking at the camera – this is my favorite way to go…but requires another willing person.
  • Crafts/Books shot from above
  • Tour video – walking around with a camera.

First, I use an iPhone with the FB pages app.  You can use the regular FB app, but I have found that the pages app is a little more consistent.  You can find it in the app store with the orange flag.

I then started with my small, flexible tripod that has the phone holder – it is something I have had for awhile and use a ton.  The one I have is {affiliate links throughout…duh}:  Benipod Mini Flexible Phone Tripod Octopus Style

Great tripod for phone



I then use that phone holder to attach to a more traditional tripod when I need something taller or more stable.  In fact, I am using the cheapest, least stable tripod I own for video because I am not attaching a huge, heavy, expensive camera to it…I am attaching my light phone.

The fancy gyroscopy hand-held thing I mention in the video that FB gave me at the FB Live event is an iKan.

The bottom line is use what you have and see how it works.  You will figure out quickly what would help you get the shot you need for your next live video!


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