Want to cultivate loyal followers on Facebook

Wonder how to cultivate loyal fans on Facebook?

In a podcast with Social Media Examiner, Holly Homer says ‘serving the community’ is the most important factor for growing your Facebook page or group. It is not an easy journey, there will be many challenges, but growing and connecting with them is the way forward with Facebook.

Listen now:

Social Media Examiner Podcast with Holly Homer - How to cultivate loyal Facebook fans

How to Cultivate Loyal Fans

Holly Homer talks about how to cultivate loyal fans on Facebook.

Holly Homer shares her love of Facebook and ‘How to Cultivate Loyal Fans’ in this podcast with Michael Stelzner on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

“Without the community, all I have is a spot on the internet”

Holly is very well known in the blogging world for her extraordinary ability to do what most online entrepreneurs long for – build a loyal, extremely engaged audience on Facebook. Not only has she done is once, but she has replicated that success from her page in Facebook groups.

Connecting With Your Community

Holly talks about her achievements in building a community on Facebook and having them engage with her. She talks about her best tips in understanding Facebook’s insights into your audience, what you need to look for to grow your own page or group.

“I talk to my Facebook fans through Facebook live… What had been a one-way conversation is now a two-way conversation. What had been a community around me, all of a sudden becomes a community where I was an active participant.”

In this episode, Holly and Michael discuss the best practices for creating that community, what to do and how to understand what your audience is looking for!

how to cultivate loyal fans on Facebook

Topics Covered in This Podcast Are:

Introducing Holly Homer (9.50)

The difference between then and now (12.40)

Re-negotiate the guidelines of the community (14.14)

Discovering Facebook Live (14.30)

Being an analytics’ geek (15.05)

What your audience likes (16.00)

It’s not the algorithm it’s your fans (18.20)

How far will it reach? (20.00)

What to do to nurture your community (23.10)

Speak and listen to every person in your community (25.00)

Other community development activities to grow your page (29.30)

Why groups and pages (32.10)

Community is your algorithm buster (37.00)

Getting real (40.30)

Plus so much more!

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