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RescueTime - Because My Time Needs Rescuing

RescueTime – How to Reclaim Your Time

The hardest part of making a living with social media is… Well, the social media. It is so easy to slip down the rabbit hole and come out hours later having designed your dream house on Pinterest but not done anything remotely related to work. RescueTime – Because My Time Needs Rescuing I’ve come to […]

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How to Add Comments to FB Video Before it is Published

Adding the first comment to your FB video before it is published can save you some time and energy. What we have been seeing across-the-board is when you add a link to the description of a video, it decreases its organic reach. Add on top of that the fact that Facebook has taken away the […]

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how to set up multiple cameras on FB Live

The Equipment I Use for Multi-Camera FB Live Videos

If you are wondering how we accomplish multi-camera FB Live video, my husband walked me through everything on a video that is part of the new Blogging Concentrated STACK. It is a 25 minute video walking through our personal set-up & resource sheet. Super casual tour of how we are doing what we are doing […]

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Best equipment for FB live

Equipment I Use for Facebook Live Video

There is good news and bad news when it comes to equipment for FB Live video. The bad news is that you are limited because it all has to be from a mobile device. The good news is that makes your life much simpler (and cheaper) because you likely have much of what you need […]

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Holly at FB Live event Hollywood

Holly in Hollywood with Facebook

About a week and 1/2 after FB live rolled out to all pages, I had logged about 15 hours of live broadcasting between my pages:  Holly Homer & Quirky Momma. And then I got a phone call…from Facebook. “Thanks for taking my call.” {Holly nearly fainting}…OF COURSE! YOU ARE FACEBOOK! Facebook was extending a very […]

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