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Why Facebook’s NEW Branded Content Policies Suck

I have been using Facebook’s branded content tool from the day my page became verified which was a few months before it was released to most FB pages. When it was launched and until January 25, 2018, my understanding was that it was to be used any time that any “exchange of value” occurred between […]

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Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of the fasted growing Social Media platforms in history. If you’re like me and have several different accounts but hated the idea of logging in and out of Instagram, these tips for managing multiple Instagram accounts will save you tons of time and energy! Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts We all love Instagram, […]

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Organic Facebook growth with Holly Homer

Organic Facebook Growth with Holly Homer

Holly Homer is a pro when it comes to growing an engaged Facebook page. In this podcast with Tim Lewis, she opens up about Organic Facebook Growth. The best way to do this to “be consistent … and develop a schedule” and to check your analytics to see what works. Holly has done this with her […]

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Why networking is never a waste

Why Networking is Never a Waste

I am an aspiring author by night, and a content writer/ social media manager by day. I owe much of what I do, and have become, to networking online. There are many reasons why networking is never a waste. When I first became involved in the online writing community, I had people in my personal […]

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Want to cultivate loyal followers on Facebook

How to Cultivate Loyal Fans on Facebook

Wonder how to cultivate loyal fans on Facebook? In a podcast with Social Media Examiner, Holly Homer says ‘serving the community’ is the most important factor for growing your Facebook page or group. It is not an easy journey, there will be many challenges, but growing and connecting with them is the way forward with […]

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