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Do you worry about being a 'good enough' blogger?

“What if I’m Not Good Enough?” Lies That Keep Us From Success

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “What if I’m not good enough?” As a blogger, it’s common to have feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to other bloggers who have higher page views, bigger audiences, more social media followers, and make more money. Feeling like you’re not good enough might […]

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Entrepreneur Mindset

Don’t be Afraid to Pivot: An Entrepreneur Mindset

Businesses today have changed – everyone is online.  Consequently, the entrepreneur mindset is one that has a tendency to bounce around like a ping-pong ball. This is not our fault considering that we have to keep up with all of the latest trends on social media while running a profitable business.  One of the greatest […]

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How Offline Work Time Every Day Will Make You a More Successful Blogger

Schedule Offline Work Time Daily to Be More Successful

As a work-at-home mom blogger, being online constantly comes with the territory. But setting aside offline work time every day is essential to the success of your blog. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of the online world.  And while being online is necessary as a blogger, it’s also crucial to […]

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Understand shutter speed on your digital camera

Photography: Shutter Speed

If you often notice blur or fuzziness in your photos, you’ll want to tune in because too slow of a shutter speed is the most likely culprit for blur in photos. Last time we talked about digital camera aperture and how adjusting the f-stop on your DSLR camera can control the light coming into the […]

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5 of the Best Tips to Help You Avoid Blogger Burnout

5 of the Best Tips to Avoid Blogger Burnout

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure at some point you’ve had to deal with being overwhelmed…which eventually leads to blogger burnout. I know people who have almost called it quits due to burnout…it’s sad, but true. That’s surely not what we want for you because you never know, your big break could be right around […]

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