scrapbooking mom to professional blogger

Scrapbooking Mom to Professional Blogger

If you are worried that you might be too late to make a full-time income from a blog, don’t, because you’re not too late to join the blogosphere. Holly Homer shares her journey from an online scrapbooking hobby to being one of the most successful bloggers in the industry in a podcast with All Up In Your Lady Business.

Listen to the Podcast: Scrapbooking Mom to One of the Most Successful Bloggers in the Business

Holly says “money is out there and available” for people who are interested in becoming bloggers. It is not easy work, and overnight successes are very rare – but the dividends are there for people who are truly committed to building a business for themselves.

Holly Homer made the most incredible journey from scrapbooking mom to one of the most successful bloggers in the industry.

Scrapbooking Mom to Profesional Blogger

Holly Homer shares her love of blogging and the journey that she took to become a professional blogger and successful entrepreneur in this podcast from All Up In Your Lady Business.

“This is the craziest time period in the history of the world, especially for moms. I mean we can build an empire from our living rooms while the kids are running around,” says Holly.

During this episode, Holly shares thoughts about the current blogging climate and how she has progressed to the position she is in today. With advice on building your empire, monetizing your blog and letting go of that mom guilt.

“We have so much freedom in what we are able to do and it costs us nothing but sweat equity in the beginning.”

Holly and her hosts, Jaclyn, and Jessica talk freely about how blogging has changed and what options the listener has if they want to create their own blog and build their own empire.

Holly Homer made an incredible journey from scrapbooking mom to professional blogger

Topics Covered in this Podcast are:

Transitioning from family album to where Holly is now (10.05)

Not my story to tell (11.30)

How do you make money on your blog (20.25)

Is there a threshold for page views per month for a blogger to be profitable? (26.10)

First steps on making money with a blog (29.50)

Big or small niche for your blog? (33.20)

Is it too late to join the blogging sphere (36.40)

Is blogging profitable? (38.30)

Mom guilt (42.40)

Holly’s tip for a profitable blog (45.20)

What social media platforms do you like? (50.19)

Plus so much more!

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