Working with Brands eCourse

A Roadmap for Pitching Brands Directly

As bloggers, our voice and vision are valuable to brand partners. Most of us understand the need to work authentically with brands that will connect and provide value to our audience. But we stumble when we value ourselves and our work. So we either avoid pitching brands altogether or work through middlemen for sponsored revenue. But working with brands directly can radically change your income.

No Roadmap for Pitching Brands Directly

Pitching brands directly can be terrifying for bloggers. Perhaps because most of us come to blogging with a story but not sales experience. Perhaps because there has never been a roadmap for doing it well and we just feel lost in the process.

Working with a blogger network solves the problem of having to pitch yourself – and networks can be a great asset to growing bloggers looking to find work. But working with a middleman limits your ability to control your own destiny as a storyteller and as an entrepreneur.

A roadmap for Pitching Brands directly

Learn to Pitch Brands Directly from the BEST!

Jenny Melrose, from The Melrose Family and, created the Working with Brands e-Course to finally provide a much-needed roadmap for bloggers who desire to increase their revenue with sponsored work.

The course outlines everything from identifying the brands that work for your audience to pitches and proposals, pricing and reporting, and even invoicing and renegotiations.

This course holds nothing back. Jenny shares piles of her one successful pitch documents, worksheets, and even pricing.

Working with Brands eCourse - Double Your Income in 90 days.

Get the Working With Brands e-Course

Have you watched the webinar yet? You should, right now! You will never see two successful bloggers discuss what works – and what hasn’t worked for them – so candidly and casually.

Then go get the Working with Brands e-Course will save you hours of learning the hard way and radically change your current income from sponsored posts!

Working with Brands Course

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