10 reasons you might regret starting a blog

Blogging is amazing, you can meet some amazing people and create a full-time income working from home! However, along with the fun, there are sides of blogging that might make you regret starting a blog in the first place!

10 reasons you might regret starting a blog

10 Reasons you Might Regret Starting a Blog

There are some downsides to blogging that might actually make you regret starting a blog!

  1. If you think that blogging is easy, think again. Blogging is hard work! You have to manage multiple areas. It is so much more than writing a short article and pressing publish!
  2. Yes, there are people who only work a few hours a week on their blog. However, most bloggers put in a lot of hours. And it takes a while for those hours to start generating income.
  3. Finding topics to write about is hard in the beginning! But it is not just finding the topics, but making sure that you have thought about the SEO of the post and where it fits in your blog too.
  4. You do have to love social media if you want to blog! Not only do you need to publish your post you need people to find it and the best place is social media! However, thinking about how you will reach your audience and learning the different analytics on the different social media platforms can take the fun out of spending time on Facebook!
  5. If you think you are going to make a lot of money, in the beginning, think again! Yes, you can make money, but this comes with time and practice. It is not a get rich quick scheme!
  6. If you ever want to feel that your job is not a real job, tell people you are a blogger! You will be questioned as to how you make money and asked if you are going to get a real job soon!
  7. If you don’t stick with the blog, you won’t make money or get very far! It is hard work and there are times that it is a drag, but you really need to feel that commitment to your blog and stick with it!
  8. Motivation is hard when you work from home and on your own too! It is so easy to just get carried away doing other things and not putting time into your blog!
  9. Getting a break isn’t easy. You work from home and you don’t have a commute to work. You are there when the children need you. If you think you will be able to switch off, think again! Getting a break from working often means catching up with family stuff and time!
  10. If you think you are going to get rich quick, think again! Blogging is hard work and yes you can make money. But it isn’t going to fall into your lap, you do have to work hard for your money!

Blogging is great, it is a great way to work from home and be there for your family! However, it isn’t as easy as it might look!

Here is the BIGGEST secret of all…

Blogging is tremendously rewarding. And the community of people can’t be beat. As hard a professional blogging can be – WE LOVE IT and would never want to do anything else!

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