Knowing how to pitch brands directly

Did you know that as a blogger you can pitch brands directly without having to go through influencer networks?

Influencer networks are amazing at bridging the gap between influencers and brands, but you don’t always have to wait around for sponsored content opportunities to come to you. It is perfectly acceptable (in fact, encouraged) to pitch brands directly and go after those sponsored content opportunities yourself!

Holly Homer and Jenny Melrose have both been extremely successful working with brand and share their experiences with you in this recent webinar:

Pitching Sponsored Content Directly to Brands

Influencer networks also tend to put restrictions on blogger’s voices. The sponsored content you create through influencer networks may have very specific regulations that may impact your creativity and authenticity as a blogger.

Knowing what to do when pitching brands yourself is one of the blogger’s biggest challenges to overcome. Not only is it difficult to craft the perfect pitch (especially with no sales background), but it is also difficult to know how much to charge or who to even contact at the brand. You can learn all of this yourself through trial and error, but there are tips and secrets that will help you succeed faster than trying to navigate the waters yourself.

Knowing how to pitch brands directly

Working with Brands

Our friend Jenny Melrose has put together exactly what we need as bloggers to drastically increase our income from sponsored content. Jenny doubled her income and replaced her full-time teaching salary by following the roadmap she put together in her e-course in just 90 days.

Now Jenny is turning down brands for sponsored content because she is too busy and she wants to teach other bloggers how to do the same thing.

The course includes information on how to:

  • Create the perfect elevator pitch
  • Drafting your perfect pitch
  • Narrow down which brands to pitch
  • Create a media kit
  • Price your sponsored content
  • Invoice companies
  • ….and a whole lot more!

Both Holly Homer and Jenny Melrose have been ridiculously successful in mastering sponsored content and both of them have gotten together for a webinar to discuss the secrets to pitching brands yourself. This is valuable information that you do not want to miss.

Knowing how to pitch brands directly

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