How to overcome self-doubt sabotage

Self-doubt sabotage can happen to the best of us. You’re moving along on your chosen path, then all of a sudden…WHAM! What am I doing? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Am I good enough to do this? Will I ever be successful, or will this self-doubt sabotage get the best of me?

Believe me, been there, done that. It’s so easy to doubt yourself as a blogger and work at home professional.

We don’t have anyone around us telling us that we’re doing a good job or giving us props (unless you count our kids!).

There’s no weekly steady paycheck that’s not directly tied to your ability to hustle and get the job done.

You can’t just show up and coast through a day and expect to earn a living and have success.

How to overcome self-doubt sabotage

Self-doubt can creep in (and usually does) every chance it gets.


  • We see other bloggers having much more success than we are.
  • We’re overwhelmed with tasks that we’re not sure we can handle.
  • Deadlines loom and we can’t seem to pull it together.
  • We can’t do everything and be everywhere all at once.

So how are we supposed to overcome this self-doubt sabotage?

How do we get past it and deal with it?

Keep Your Eyes in Your Own Lane

The quickest way for me to get to feeling bad about myself is to play the comparison game. Comparing yourself to others can not only cause you to doubt yourself, but it’s not even fair. You’re probably comparing yourself to someone who isn’t in the same situation as you are. Maybe they’re not even doing the same thing.

Just because two people are bloggers, that in itself doesn’t make them alike. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Maybe you’re new and they have been at it for awhile. Or maybe you run your blog differently, and blog about two totally different things.

Even if you’re looking at another blogger who is blogging about the same things as you, let me tell you this:

They’re not like you.

There is only one you, and you have a voice that the world needs to hear. Stop comparing yourself to others. Just because you’re not at the same level as someone else yet, doesn’t mean you won’t get there in your own time, your way.

How to overcome self-doubt sabotage

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Nothing raises your spirits like a party! But seriously, taking note and celebrating your accomplishments can help you stay away from the wrong kind of parties- pity parties!

Look at what you’re doing and doing well. Observe even the smallest achievements, because they all add up to big ones. Enjoy yourself and have fun. All work and no play…well you know the saying. Be proud of what you’re accomplishing, and you’ll doubt yourself less and less.

Keep Moving Forward

When you get stuck, it’s all too easy to start doubting yourself. Keeping yourself moving forward and working on projects is a surefire way avoid negativity and self-doubt. Whatever you do, don’t let that set in! When you’re moving forward in your blog and business, you’re working on tasks, which will lead to accomplishments. Then, as we’ve already discussed, you get to celebrate! 🙂

Using these tips you too can overcome self-doubt sabotage. Just keep in mind when struggling with these feelings, give your blog, your business and your life all you’ve got.

And of course, the most important thing to remember is…

Don’t You Dare Quit!

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