How to Add Comments to FB Video Before it is Published

Adding the first comment to your FB video before it is published can save you some time and energy.

What we have been seeing across-the-board is when you add a link to the description of a video, it decreases its organic reach.

Add on top of that the fact that Facebook has taken away the call-to-action button at the end of videos that allowed you to link to additional information or a place of purchase!

It is all pretty ridiculous.

But let’s face it, FB wants people to hang out ON FB.  So removing the ability for them to know where to go next can help them achieve that goal.

So!  One thing you see all the big sites do is add the link in the first comment.  It allows for additional information like a recipe, additional instructions or links to be added without hurting organic reach.

It is a little trickier for people to find the link…BUT let’s be honest here, videos have never brought in visitors by the truckload.

For a long time, I was setting a timer on my phone to remind me to go and add that first comment once the video was live.  It is a huge pain and often I was out and about and dropping links on mobile is beyond my coordination ability!

And then I found that I could add those comments WHEN I scheduled the post…whoo hoo!

Let me show you how…

First, go to your FB page and click on the “publishing tools” tab at the top.

Then choose Videos.

In the upper right hand corner you will see the button “+ Upload”.

How to upload a video to FB page

Click on that and upload your video as usual.

Once the video is uploaded it will appear like you see above with the “Pokemon Sugar Cookies” above.

Click on the video title and a pop up with the video details opens.

How to Schedule a FB Video

This is also the place you can re-use your video files for new posts in FB.

In our situation, we want to get that first FB comment scheduled BEFORE the video posts, so we want to click on the “Quirky Momma” blue hyper link to the right of the small thumbnail at the bottom under posts.

It will open another popup.

Put the first comment in a FB post before publishing

Now you want to click on “Post” there at the top.

how to add first comment before fb video publishes

Simply click on “comment” and then comment just like you would on any FB post.  As you can see above, I added two links and the first one auto-populated with a preview which is pretty cool.


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