Holly Homer talks about Failure on a podcast called Work @ Home Rockstar

Embracing failure as part of your blogging or work from home journey is a terribly difficult lesson. But Holly says “the fastest way to knowledge is through failure.”

Fail Often and Fail Big

Holly Homer shares her mantra of “Fail Often and Fail Big” in this podcast with Tim Melanson from Work @ Home RockStar.

“Sometimes we love something so much that we let it suck the life out of us and we have to figure out a way to say goodbye to it. Because when we say goodbye, good things happen.”

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Embracing Failure as Part of Your Journey

Holly shares what she has learned about embracing failure publicly. With 3 million Facebook followers on just the Quirky Mama Facebook page, it is really not possible to fail privately. But Holly talks about the surprising realization that discussing her own failures publicly has endeared her to followers.

“We live in such a glossy world… but people are really searching for absolute truth, for authenticity. If you can cut through that with a real story, there is an instant connection there.”

During this episode, Tim and Holly get to the nitty-gritty truth behind what it takes to run her successful site Kids Activities Blog and her popular Facebook page Quirky Momma.

Fail Big and Fail Often

Topics covered in this podcast are:

Holly Homer Podcast with Work @ Home Rockstar PodcastHow Holly got started (1:30)

How does she make money with her blog?  (4:50)

The importance of authenticity (9:15)

When to bring other people on your team (10:00)

How to utilize leverage; what are your employees getting out of working for you? (15:30)

The importance of keeping people informed of the bigger picture (18:00)

You don’t want to be the boss you tried to get away from and why you must allow people to shine!  (18:45)

The importance of knowing your business, even the stuff you need help with or to hand off (21:50)

Holly’s habits for success (29:45)

Plus, much more!

Fail Big and Fail Often is a mantra of Holly Homer, creator of the Kids Activities Blog and the Quirky Momma Facebook page that has 3 Million followers! Check out her insight here.

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