Why Challenges work to Grow Your Email List

Are you looking to grow your email list?  In order to grow a profitable email list, it needs to be targeted.  You want a list that engages with your content and will easily become possible customers of your products or products that you recommend down the road.  Challenges are a great way to grow a targeted list for a couple of reasons.

Why Challenges Work to Grow your Email List

Looking to build your email list? Here's why Challenges Work to Grow your Email List

A challenge is usually a 5, 7 or 10-day challenge.  It should occur consecutively without any skipped days.  I deliver on the weekends because my audience gets into a groove with a challenge.  The challenge should be a piece of what you offer and it should show your audience how your paid product is the next logical step.  It should also help your audience go through a transition either mental or physical.  You want there to be tangible results at the end.

Challenges build repertoire

Each of us brings a unique voice to our content and emails.  In this day and age, people want to know what they can expect from us.  If we don’t normally talk about politics then it would likely surprise some of our readers if we started speaking about politics in an email.  Our readers want to feel like they know us and in order to do this, we need to remain consistent in our voice and content so that a repertoire can be built and strengthened as time goes on.

Challenges teach your audience to open your emails

When you create a challenge via email that goes out consecutive days in a row, you are teaching your audience to open your emails.  They look forward to the email that gives them the next step on their journey or transition.  Once they are done with the challenge they will be in the routine of opening your emails and will continue to open them, which will also continue to build that repertoire.

Challenges teach your audience to engage with you

When a challenge is done correctly with a call to action each day, it teaches your audience to interact with you.  Call to actions can be as simple as hit reply and tell me…..  You have to make it worthwhile though for your audience to follow through on the call to action.  In my Challenge Builder, I teach my converting call to actions.  Feel free to join in so that you can create a challenge specific to your business.

Free 10 Day Challenge Builder

Challenges show your expertise

If you can take your audience from point a to point b on their journey to accomplishing something or through a transition then you show them that you are an expert at this topic.  People want results and as long as you can deliver the content that will lead them to those results then you will be thought of as an expert.

Challenges help your audience decide if they can learn from you

Each and every one of us learn differently.  It is the teacher’s job to teach everyone according to their learn style.  If someone in your audience takes your challenge and cannot follow what you asking them to do then you are not the teacher for them.  It’s important that you give your audience the opportunity to learn this prior to introducing a product because they are more apt to purchase if they know that you’re teaching style works for them.

Why Challenges Work to Grow your Email List FB

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