When blog growth seems to be at a halt, there are things you can do to reignite your blog growth and get you out of that slump.

We’ve all been there. You feel like you’ve hit a wall, and your blog is growing at a snail’s pace, if that! Oftentimes when we hit a plateau, we have to take action to get things moving in the right direction again.

How to Reignite Your Blog Growth

How to Reignite Your Blog Growth

1. Try Something New

Try out a new social media channel. If you’ve been focused on Pinterest, try out Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon. When I tried StumbleUpon for the first time, I immediately saw increased page views. Not every channel necessarily works that way, some might take awhile before you see any change. But eventually it will happen, even if it’s only a slight change.

Cover a new topic in a blog post. Something that still fits within the content of your site of course, but either something totally new or a new spin on something you’ve previously covered. You might even consider adding a new category if you write multiple posts about the topic.

I know sometimes we get so locked in to certain topics and what fits with our site, but sometimes you don’t know if something will do good or be successful unless you try it out first.

Start making videos. This is something I’ve contemplated for awhile but have put off because of not having enough knowledge about how it all works, plus not really loving being on camera. But as I put my face out there more and more on my blog, I’m getting used to being in front of the camera and liking the idea of connecting with my readers through video.

Video can bring viewers to your blog who might otherwise never visit at all. Plus it’s really quite popular these days, especially on Facebook.

2. Invite a Guest Poster

Having an expert guest post on your blog can help in many ways. Experts usually have loyal followers that want to read anything and everything they put out. This can help your blog growth by bringing their followers to your site.

How to Reignite Your Blog Growth

3. Guest Post on Other Blogs

The same scenario above, but reversed. You post in front of another blog’s audience, and some of those readers will likely visit your site to see more of what you offer.

4. Reevaluate

Sometimes the best thing you can do for blog growth is to take a step back. Yes, I know that sounds counterproductive, but hear me out. Taking a break means you can focus on what improvements you could make and what you can do different to increase your blog’s viability.

Get out good old fashioned pencil and paper and get to work on topics, strategies, and new ideas.  Really brainstorm. That’s when the magic  happens.

I hope these simple strategies will help you reignite your blog growth and get things moving in the right direction again. Have any other ideas to help grow your blog? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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