How to Include your Family in Your Blogging Journey

What if I told you that there are actually ways to include your family in your blogging journey that can help everyone feel a little more connected?

Blogging can be so time-consuming that oftentimes you’ll find your family not happy with the fact that you’re a blogger. And before you know it, you’re feeling guilty yourself for all the time you’re spending online.

Been there, done that!

But sometimes, all it takes is making your family feel like they’re a part of your journey and all of a sudden,  BAM! They get the fact that mommy really is working, and some of that work is pretty darn exciting to boot!

Here are 5 Ways to Include Your Family in Your Blogging Journey that really work:

5 Ways to Include Your Family in Your Blogging Journey

Choose Topics to Write About

Now I’m not saying base your entire editorial calendar around what your 5 year old wants you to write about (although a post on Paw Patrol could get you some serious attention on social media these days), but ask them for ideas. Of course, you can (and will most likely have to) tweak as necessary.

Another way to allow your kids to help you is to let them choose from a list of topics you’ve already decided on. “What should mommy write about next, Facebook or curly fries?” And then, of course, be prepared to write a post about curly fries. But seriously, if you give them choices that you’ve already approved, then it’s a win-win. You can always write the non-choice at a later date.

Test Out Products

Most bloggers at one point or another have received product to test out for a review or featured article. Letting the kids or hubby (depending on the product of course) help you test it out and then recording their honest opinion is a great way to make them feel included.

The kids will especially like this if the product is a toy, but at my house anything beauty/fashion related or electronics are a big hit as well.

Lend a Hand With Pictures

Or maybe a whole body…who needs models when you have kids, am I right?

Letting your kids do everything from helping you set up a scene for a photograph to actually being in the photograph itself is something most kids will enjoy. Plus if they get to be in the photo, seeing themselves in a post gives them that feel good “Look I’m famous!” moment that means they’ll most likely want to keep assisting you in the future.

Kids Can Help you With Blogging

Goal Setting

We all have goals for our blog, and whether you discuss your short-term or long-term goals, your family can help you stay grounded and on track. Hubbys are great for helping keep you accountable as well (in an “aren’t you earning any money from that blog YET?” kind of way, ha ha!). Setting goals as a family will help the entire family feel a sense of accomplishment when you actually attain them.

Celebrate Wins

Now if you’re going to have goals, you’ve got to actually celebrate when you reach them, am I right? Why I believe I am!

When you reach a milestone or huge accomplishment with your blog, be sure to include your family in the fun! Take the day off, go out to eat, hit the mall, or my favorite, the beach!

Enjoying yourself with your family will show them that this blogging stuff really isn’t all that bad. When mom has success, we all get rewarded…sweet!

Blogging and family really can go together. Sure, it’s challenging, but oh so doable. Finding ways to include your family in your blogging journey will help your career as a blogger become a whole lot easier.

What ways do you include your family in your blogging journey? Please share with us in the comments. And if you liked this post, please consider sharing on social media.

How do you include your family in your Blogging Journey? Tell us in the comments!


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