3 Irrefutable Rules for Turning Your Blog into a Business You Love

Since the first day that I found a measure of success in the blogging world, fellow online entrepreneurs have asked how to replicate my formula for their own success.

I love the opportunity to share ideas and information with my fellow bloggers. And make every attempt to share openly and generously. But the real “formula” is not a formula at all.

While there is an endless list of tactics that all contribute to business growth, there are 3 rules that are absolutely irrefutable for success online.

Fail Often and Fail Fast

If you are making money as a blogger, or desire to make money as a blogger, you are signing up to pioneer a new industry from the first day. There is no rule book, no proven track record, and no fail-proof model.

You have to accept the pioneering aspect of this job and LOVE it! It has to excite you. You have to draw energy from it. Or it will make you absolutely crazy.

Expect to have ideas that fail. And hope they fail fast so that you can learn a lesson that you apply to the next idea.

When you hit on the idea that has potential and starts gaining momentum, pursue it relentlessly.

Eat the Frog

From the time you are a one-person business to the time when your empire stretches across the world, there will be things about your job that have to be done but still feel like work.

Take Mark Twain’s advice and Eat the Frog. Do the thing you hate the most before you do even consider doing anything else with your day. Get it out of the way.

When you allow yourself to be pulled down by the dread of anything – big or small, you use up energy that should be spent on growing your business. And dread feeds itself.

So when you first wake up, do the thing you dread first. Really, FIRST.

Free your mind from it so you and your energy can move on with your day.

3 Irrefutable Rules for Turning Your Blog into a Business You Love

Surround Yourself with People Who Legitimately Celebrate Your Success

If you have ever felt taken advantage of professionally, you know why this is important. Blogging can be a very solitary existence.

You have to connect with people who are completely and without question ON YOUR SIDE.

Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and will celebrate with you when you do. When you find those people, give generously to them and they will give generously to you.

In blogging, perhaps more than any other business, rising tides really do float all boats. Make sure that the people you surround yourself are helping the tide to rise and rising with it. Not holding you by the ankle in hopes that you don’t get too far ahead.

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