10 reasons you might regret starting a blog

10 Reasons You Might Regret Starting a Blog

Blogging is amazing, you can meet some amazing people and create a full-time income working from home! However, along with the fun, there are sides of blogging that might make you regret starting a blog in the first place! 10 Reasons you Might Regret Starting a Blog There are some downsides to blogging that might actually […]

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Fitting in life around blogging

Fitting in Life around Blogging

If you are a blogger you will know how difficult the balance is when fitting in life around blogging. It really is difficult as both areas are important to you, do you miss out on family time to grow your blog or have a blog that grows slowly because you are spending more time with your […]

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Why networking is never a waste

Why Networking is Never a Waste

I am an aspiring author by night, and a content writer/ social media manager by day. I owe much of what I do, and have become, to networking online. There are many reasons why networking is never a waste. When I first became involved in the online writing community, I had people in my personal […]

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Knowing how to pitch brands directly

Knowing How to Pitch Brands Directly

Did you know that as a blogger you can pitch brands directly without having to go through influencer networks? Influencer networks are amazing at bridging the gap between influencers and brands, but you don’t always have to wait around for sponsored content opportunities to come to you. It is perfectly acceptable (in fact, encouraged) to […]

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How to overcome self-doubt sabotage

How to Overcome Self-Doubt Sabotage

Self-doubt sabotage can happen to the best of us. You’re moving along on your chosen path, then all of a sudden…WHAM! What am I doing? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Am I good enough to do this? Will I ever be successful, or will this self-doubt sabotage get the best of me? […]

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