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Understand shutter speed on your digital camera

Photography: Shutter Speed

If you often notice blur or fuzziness in your photos, you’ll want to tune in because too slow of a shutter speed is the most likely culprit for blur in photos. Last time we talked about digital camera aperture and how adjusting the f-stop on your DSLR camera can control the light coming into the […]

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Planners for women

5 Planners for Women

When it comes to getting ready for the New Year, planning is essential, especially when you work from home. And Planners for Women have to help us balance all that we manage – business and family. One of my favorite ways to get and stay organized throughout the year is by using a planner. I know what […]

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Best Home Office Desks to inspire you

The Best Home Office Desks for Your Space

When it comes to working from home, having a beautiful yet functional workspace is a must. It all starts with the focal point of any office, the desk. Whether your office space is huge or just the corner of a room, we’ve got some gorgeous and functional home office desk inspiration for you! Choose the […]

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DSLR Aperture - Understanding exposure to create beautiful pictures for your blog

Photography: Digital Camera Aperture

The first step in getting your DSLR camera off the manual mode is to understand Digital Camera Aperture. Photography is a huge component of a successful blog or website. But most of us don’t come to blogging with a deep set of photography skills. We talked about starting slow to prevent frustration in the article Are […]

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