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Holly at FB Live event Hollywood

Holly in Hollywood with Facebook

About a week and 1/2 after FB live rolled out to all pages, I had logged about 15 hours of live broadcasting between my pages:  Holly Homer & Quirky Momma. And then I got a phone call…from Facebook. “Thanks for taking my call.” {Holly nearly fainting}…OF COURSE! YOU ARE FACEBOOK! Facebook was extending a very […]

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Holly Homer on Live screenshot feature

7 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Live

I got the live video bug in the early days of Google Hangouts.  It is just so much easier to do video when no one is expecting you to produce it or edit it! All of a sudden, video could be spontaneous!   The basic problem with Google Hangouts was the ability to let people […]

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Helping your Child Pay Attention

Teachers and parents often tell children to “pay attention” because they realize that students will not remember information unless they stay focused on the task at hand. The ability to focus your attention may seem simple to you, but paying attention is a skill and, like all skills, it may be learned. Many students have never learned […]

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why holly’s children cover their head and run when they see oprah

Saving money is always something that is on the mind of anyone raising kids!  No matter how much comes in, it always seems like the demands for what needs to go out is more! Here is a little story about a time that I was pretty sure I had figured out a way to put […]

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An Issue of Space

I am a people watcher. I love sitting in a public place and observing others. One of my favorite things is how people protect their personal space. For instance, in an elevator everyone stands equidistant from each other: Sometimes I like to mess with the elevator people a bit by shifting my position ever so […]

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