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Organic Facebook growth with Holly Homer

Organic Facebook Growth with Holly Homer

Holly Homer is a pro when it comes to growing an engaged Facebook page. In this podcast with Tim Lewis, she opens up about Organic Facebook Growth. The best way to do this to “be consistent … and develop a schedule” and to check your analytics to see what works. Holly has done this with her […]

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Knowing how to pitch brands directly

Knowing How to Pitch Brands Directly

Did you know that as a blogger you can pitch brands directly without having to go through influencer networks? Influencer networks are amazing at bridging the gap between influencers and brands, but you don’t always have to wait around for sponsored content opportunities to come to you. It is perfectly acceptable (in fact, encouraged) to […]

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Want to cultivate loyal followers on Facebook

How to Cultivate Loyal Fans on Facebook

Wonder how to cultivate loyal fans on Facebook? In a podcast with Social Media Examiner, Holly Homer says ‘serving the community’ is the most important factor for growing your Facebook page or group. It is not an easy journey, there will be many challenges, but growing and connecting with them is the way forward with […]

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Small Business Tax Organization

Tax Time for the Small Business Owner

Tax time for the Small Business Owner can be stressful. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! A little bit of organization and foresight goes really far! **Disclaimer: I am not an accountant and I don’t play one on TV. This is not meant to be taken as accounting advice. […]

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scrapbooking mom to professional blogger

Scrapbooking Mom to Professional Blogger

If you are worried that you might be too late to make a full-time income from a blog, don’t, because you’re not too late to join the blogosphere. Holly Homer shares her journey from an online scrapbooking hobby to being one of the most successful bloggers in the industry in a podcast with All Up In […]

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